What to Expect

Our desire is to see people discover the good news of what God has done for us through Jesus.  We hope that the environments we have created will not be a hindrance to your encounter with God.  We endeavor to greet you with kindness and grace that has been so freely given in Christ.  Our environment is relaxed, but we want your heart, soul, and mind to be challenged by the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. 

In our services, we celebrate the goodness of God and worship the One who has given us an abundant life through Jesus Christ.  You will hear some music that is energetic, some that is quiet, and some that is contemplative, but all with lyrics that are true to Scripture.  We desire to blend various musical styles into our worship services because we are people who worship a creative God.  We enjoy giving back to God as cheerful givers and do that in each service.  We hold Scripture in highest esteem as God's revealed word, and we spend time reading it in each service.

Because the Bible is alive and powerful, it is automatically relevant to every area of life.  At Bright Hope, you will hear messages that are both applicable to life and scripturally sound. Every individual is at a different point of growth in his or her life, and we believe God has something special for you at Bright Hope. There are people of all ages and from all walks of life.  We want you to be yourself and to meet the God of the universe.  Come as you are, but don't expect to leave that way...we want you to be changed by the transforming power of God!


More Than Meets the Eye

We can’t see what is in the hearts of others, but God is constantly searching the hearts of His children.  Worship is an outpouring of our hearts.  It is an act of service.  It is not just music.  It is cleaning the church, mowing the grass, serving in the nursery, ministering to the needs of a neighbor, doing our best at our everyday job, teaching a kids class, playing in the worship band...you get the idea - worship is intertwined in all that we do.  God does not separate who we are on Friday evening from who we are on Sunday morning.  People often look at the external.  God sees our heart.  So we believe that it is important to have our heart in tune with Him and then the external stuff takes care of itself.

Our times of worship are opportunities to extend the personal and private worship that has taken place during the week into a time of worshipping together.  Each aspect of our service is a different form of worship:  worship in song, worship through prayer, worship in fellowship, worship in giving, worship in teaching and studying God's word.  Because we are created by God and for God, worship should be integrated into everything we do - our lifestyle!