We are passionate about introducing people to Jesus and helping them become fully committed to Him. We desire to be a place where encountering God is the norm, where spiritual formation is an exciting journey, and where no one stands alone. Bright Hope Community Church has experienced God's grace through Jesus Christ as a people and we long to share its amazing power in transforming a person's life for good in our pursuit after God's own heart.  Below is a summary of some of our key beliefs based upon the truth of Scripture.

About the Bible
We believe that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God.  We believe it is without error because the Spirit of God directed men to write its very words.

About God
We believe that there is only one God who exists eternally in three persons:  the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

About Jesus
We believe that Jesus is God revealed in the flesh to mankind.  He lived a life totally without sin and was the only acceptable sacrifice for the sin of mankind.  Through His life on this earth, He demonstrated the power and love of God.  Through His voluntary and substitutionary death on the cross, He paid for the sin of all mankind and satisfied the wrath of God toward sin and provided redemption and forgiveness for those who believe.  Through His bodily resurrection, He demonstrated His power over death and the grave and offers the same free gift to those who trust in Him alone.

About the Holy Spirit
We believe that the Holy Spirit is a distinct Person in the triune God-head.  He indwells believers at the moment of salvation.  He teaches, equips, convicts of sin, guides, seals, and sanctifies those who believe.  He provides unique spiritual gifts to each and every believer for the purpose of edifying the church.

About Mankind
We believe that mankind was created in the image of God and was designed to have pure and perfect fellowship with God.  Because the first created man, Adam, willfully disobeyed and sinned against God, all of mankind is separated from God.  As a result of Adam’s sin, all of mankind is sinful in nature and in practice and is unable to restore a right relationship with God through any effort of his own.

About Creation
We believe that God supernaturally created the heavens and earth and all living things in a literal six day creation as described in the book of Genesis.  Mankind is not the result of any process of evolution.

About Salvation
We believe that God alone possesses the power to eternally save mankind from sin, death, and Hell.  This salvation is a free gift of God according to His grace.  Through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, salvation was made available to all mankind.  Salvation occurs only when a person places their faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross and in His resurrection as the sufficient payment for the debt of sin.

About the Church and Christian Living
We believe that the church is the body of Christ and is made up of those who have placed their trust in the finished work of Christ.  The local church is responsible for administering two ordinances:  baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  These ordinances have no power to save. Believers are responsible to find, join, and be actively involved in a local Bible-believing church.  Each Christian should live their life in obedience to the Word of God out of love for Him.

About the Destiny of Mankind
We believe at death, those who are true believers pass immediately into the presence of Christ and remain there in joyful fellowship until their bodies are resurrected. The unsaved at death descend immediately into Hades where they are kept under punishment until their bodily resurrection resulting in eternal punishment and separation from God in Hell.

About Future Events
We believe that the Bible speaks to how the future will unfold.  Jesus will return to remove His church - made up of true believers - from this earth. This great event in the fulfillment of prophecy is known as the Rapture of the Church - whose time is known to no man.  Another event yet to come is a seven year period of tribulation where God will pour out His righteous judgment upon an unbelieving world.  At the end of this seven year period, Christ will return to Earth and establish a literal one-thousand year reign.  Following His reign, the final judgment will take place:  unbelievers will be condemned to eternity in Hell and believers will forever be with the Lord.

For a more detailed look at our Statement of Faith, including Scripture references, please click here.